Where Sports and Life Intersect

  • Jody preparing for open-water swim near her So Cal home (2014)

    Freeplay Magazine July-Aug Article

    Paving the Road to Kona The fall season brings with it many a beautiful thing; leaves turning color, crisp autumn winds, children returning to school and best of all, the Ironman…

    A rare photo of Rachel actually sitting down.


         Today I want to write about what really lies at the heart of pursuing our passions.  Whether it be art, music, gardening, or sports,…



    My tri bike hangs on the garage wall.  It’s black with red accents and bold white lettering spelling out the brand name LOOK.  After months of…

    Rattler Crossing


    I hate snakes.  I really really hate snakes.   I am also a devout animal-lover which means my distaste for this one particular creature is a…


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